See for yourself what our clients say about Serida Fitness

I am over 70, and was beginning to creak when my son set me up with Serida Fitness and Sean in May 2021. After only 5 sessions with Sean, my singles tennis is amazing, and strength and confidence have returned. Sean has a life story full of professionalism (including being a paratrooper) and it's clearly in everything he does. So he takes training very seriously - he watched me like a hawk during every minute of our sessions, alert both for any warning signs, but also for improvement needing a few more repetitions. He made it fun too, while generously providing lasting "takeaways" from his vast experience.
Nick, 73
Wadhurst, East Sussex
It was a pleasure to work with Sean at Serida Fitness. I feel fitter and stronger. I also feel much better educated about my training, where to focus, and how to maximise my time spent working out. I want to thank Sean for his knowledge, encouragement, and enthusiasm.
Paul, 45
Hawkhurst, Kent
Gabriella is a supportive, knowledgeable and highly competent personal trainer. She has a great instinct for knowing just how far to push to get consistent improvements every week. Her sessions are well planned to be varied and interesting with Gabriella having a seemingly endless knowledge of different exercises to try
Jenny, 47
Hawkhurst, Kent
Sean really motivated me to improve my physique to get fitter and stronger. I could see visible results. The sessions were always interesting and Sean kept me working hard
Hawkhurst, Kent
I started going to Serida Fitness about 5 months ago in order to tone up after nearly 10 years of little or no exercise. A friend and I went together, for moral support and to egg each other on. Sean advised a series of exercises and routines for us based on what we wanted to achieve. He was, and still as, very patient with us, just pushing us on a little bit more in each session so that we feel we have accomplished something every time. I feel much fitter and toned and have improved my stamina and strength by leaps and bounds. We also have time for a chat and a bit of a laugh which makes it a pleasure to be there.
Kathleen, 61
Cranbrook, Kent
I was persuaded to join Serida Fitness by a friend who wanted to enrol, but not on her own. It has turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done!! I am 60+ and apart from playing competitive tennis in my teens/twenties, had not done any formal exercise, as such, until I joined Serida. Sean has been amazing, tailoring each session to our ability, and giving much needed encouragement when required - which is pretty often for me!!! I leave every session feeling better about myself, and pleased with what I've achieved. I cannot recommend Sean and Serida Fitness highly enough.
Jill, 63
Hurst Green, Kent
I have been working with Sean for 6 months and have worked with a number of trainers over the years. Sean is undoubtedly one of the most professional and experienced and is clearly focused on establishing realistic personal goals resulting in long term gains at a sensible pace. The most enjoyable aspect of training with Sean is the variety of exercises and equipment used, which keep the sessions interesting for me, this is particularly important as a regular commitment to training is vital to progress but boredom around repetitive routines can easily set in and affect motivation - Sean is very much alert to this!
Paul, 55
Hawkhurst, Kent
Gabriella did a number of PT sessions with my daughter who was struggling with motivation and overall fitness. Gabriella was kind and supportive and provided advice and guidance about healthy teenage eating and exercise habits. My daughter improved her confidence and body image and always looked forward to the sessions
Hawkhurst, Kent
I started training with Sean in a bid to lose some of the stubborn fat around my middle and generally tone up. What I achieved with Sean's help was far more than this! Using weights and various bodyweight exercises my overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time that I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored to you, so you can achieve exactly what you have discussed. I have learnt so much from Sean, he is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions you come up with. His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear.
Kelly, 40
Hawkhurst, Kent
I am 10 years into recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome having previously been a sub 2-hour half marathon runner. A year ago, I felt ready to return to some weight lifting and approached Sean for advice. Sean devised a 30-minute programme which he guides me through and which varies each session so boredom is never a problem! If I am having a bad day/week, (which does happen - often for absolutely no apparent reason), Sean remains supportive and helpful throughout. He often tweaks a routine if he can see that I'm struggling and when I slip into lazy habits he corrects me professionally and sympathetically. I cannot over-emphasise how helpful I have found working out at Serida Fitness this past year.
Sonja, 60
Hawkhurst, Kent
Having the online classes has been an absolute godsend during the current pandemic. There are a wide variety of classes on offer at various times so there is something to suit everybody. They are only 30 minutes long, but there is so much packed in you feel like you have done a full class. As with the face to face classes there is always an easy/intermediate/advanced option to all moves, so suitable for beginners or seasoned exercisers. I recommend them!
Sharon, 58
Hurst Green, East Sussex
We are loving the Zoom exercise sessions run by Serida Fitness! During these difficult times, it is so nice to have the regularity and familiarity of Gabriella's classes and her enthusiastic presentation! Her exercises are easy to follow but you always come out feeling energised and strong. Doing these sessions alongside our daily walk, we hope to come out of lockdown fit and fighting! Thank you!
Felicity & Naomi
Gabriella’s classes are well-structured and no two classes of the same type are ever the same which keeps it interesting. For each exercise she gives options to cater for participants with varying levels of fitness so we are all able to push ourselves at our own rate. I am in my early 50s and have a sedentary job, these classes contribute enormously to my physical and mental wellbeing and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to continue with them online during lockdown
Claudia, 54
Flimwell, East Sussex
Serida Fitness was one of the best parts of my week. They were very easy to get started with; Sean set up a consultation to define my goals and lay out a program for me on day 1. I worked with both Sean and Gabriella across my twice weekly sessions and enjoyed both. They pushed me beyond any limits I thought I had to see new progress every week. Debbie was a great gatekeeper and did an amazing job to book sessions that worked best with my ever shifting schedule. Highly recommend Serida for an easy to work with fitness studio that you will definitely see results with.
Scott, 32
Cranbrook, Kent
Thank you for all the encouragement and great classes. I've grown in my fitness & it's got me out of the house, which has been so important to me as my world has been turned upside down like so many. The friendliness, ease of taking part and support has meant so much.
Anita, 49
Hawkhurst, Kent
I wanted to further strengthen my fitness and stamina in preparation for the Royal Marines selection test. Sean took the time to understand and develop a tailored training programme that focused on the areas I needed to work on. He was excellent in taking me through the different types of exercises, he also supported me in readiness for the intensity of military life. I subsequently passed the initial test and I am now in training to become a Royal Marines Commando. I would thoroughly recommend Sean to anyone looking for next level personal training, his skill, knowledge and attitude was spot on.
Ross, 19
Sean's tailored approach to getting the right programme is great. He is patient, doesn't push too hard yet you know the sessions are working! I can notice the difference - energy levels are higher, all round fitness hugely improved and dare I say it, some weight loss!
Matt, 41
Hawkhurst, Kent
Gabriella at Serida Fitness has boosted my confidence and has shown me just how capable I am when it comes to health and fitness. I now feel fit, motivated and overall better in myself.
Morgan, 23
Benenden, Kent
I came to visit Sean with my son who had been teased at school because of his shape and lack of fitness which had left him with low self esteem. All the sessions with Sean have been full of encouragement and positivity which has helped my son to gain the confidence he lacked. Overall this has changed not only his fitness level but also his overall happiness in life. Thank you, Sean.
Hawkhurst, Kent
Gabriella delivers a fun and energetic boot camp every Saturday, which I have been joining in with for two years. She varies the exercises and makes it fun, interesting - and challenging! We try and do it whatever the weather but sometimes it beats us! All you need is some energy, a yoga mat and some water to enjoy working out in the fresh air with like minded souls! Suitable for all ages and abilities - great fun!
Would like to send my sincere thanks to Sean. His sessions with my son over the last 18 months have honestly been life changing for him, his personal confidence as well as his focus and strength. It's been so much more than just PT sessions.
Oscar, 10
I have thoroughly enjoyed the training and support I received from Sean. It has really spurred me on to work on improving my fitness and nutrition. I can already feel the benefits!
Graeme, 62
After having my second baby, I really needed help getting back into shape. Gabriella has been brilliant, developing personal sessions which focused on building stamina in the early days. This then gave me the confidence that I was getting my fitness back, keeping me motivated, when it would have been so easy to quit! I am really seeing the results now, I feel great and in better shape than ever! It also gave me some precious me time after the baby!
Rachel, 39
Robertsbridge, East Sussex